Minor in Global Health

The Global Health minor is a transdisciplinary program designed for students who seek a broad and flexible set of skills for understanding contemporary health challenges and broad-based thinking in finding solutions. Humans are at the core of Global Health, which is viewed and addressed through an understanding of disease, disease transmission, health and well-being. Global health incorporates all cultures and places and integrates knowledge of health's social, anthropological, historical, biological, and ecological dimensions. The program cultivates capacities to deal with complex problems across disciplines and social constructs: how to identify the critical issues, ask the right questions, and create solutions that are meaningful, lasting and effective.

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Requirements of the Global Health minor

The Global Health minor will consist of selecting courses that have at their core a focus on health, disease transmission, and social aspects that pertain to health. The minor will require a minimum of 15 credit hours with all students required to take Global Health (VMPM/MICRO/GLOBE 360) and Insects and Our Health (ENT/MICRO 374). The remaining credits to fulfill the minor will come from courses listed in two tracks:

  1. Biological sciences of health

  2. Social sciences aspect of health

Students must select a minimum of three credits from each of the two tracks, and an additional three credits from either track. Students may petition to take courses not on the approved list, providing these courses can be shown to include substantial study related to global health.

Required of all Global Health minor students:

VMPM/MICRO/GLOBE 360: Global Health (3 cr., F)
ENT/MICRO 374: Insects and Our Health (3 cr., S)

Biological Science Track:

HS 350: Human diseases (3 cr., F, S, SS)
MICRO 310: Medical microbiology (3 cr., F)
MICRO/BIOL/V PTH 353: Introductory parasitology (3 cr., S)
FS HN 460: Global nutrition (3 cr.)
BIOL 328 Molecular and cellular biology of human diseases (3 cr., F)
VDPAM/VMPM 428: Principles of epidemiology and population health (3 cr., S)
ENT 374L: Insects and our health laboratory (1 cr., Alt S)

Social Science Track:

ECON/GLOBE 385: Economic development (3 cr.)
AGRON/FS HN/ENV S/T SC 342: World Food Issues: Past and Present (3 cr.)
FS HN 442: Issues in Food and Society (2 cr.)
GLOBE/VMPM 330: Global health disparities (3 cr., S)
GLOBE 431x: Global Healthcare Delivery Systems
GLOBE 432x: Field Course on Global Public Health Services Delivery
SOC 345: Population and society (3 cr., F)
SOC 348: Global poverty, resources and sustainable development (3 cr.)
SOC 411: Social change in developing countries (3 cr., S)


If you are interested in the undergraduate minor in Global Health, please talk to your academic advisor, and then contact Russ Jurenka who is the advisor for the minor.

If you'd like to apply for admission to Iowa State University, see the Iowa State admissions page.