Claudia Lemper-Manahl

Claudia Lemper-Manahl

  • Associate Teaching Professor
  • AgDiscovery Program Coordinator
I joined the Plant Pathology & Microbiology Department in  2013 after 18 years teaching Genectis Lab in the ISU Biology Program.     I teach undergraduate courses in microbiology, molecular techniques, independent discovery and scientific communication.   Supporting our students is a top priority of the Microbiology Program and I seek to provide students with a stronger understanding of microbiological techniques and how to master skills to continue to the work place, graduate school or professional school options.  To do this, I provide students many hands-on, experiential learning opportunities in an inclusive environment that allows students from varied backgrounds to collaborate on research projects with real-world implications.  Most recently, the biggest challenge of my 25yr teaching career was the pivot to online learning for COVID-19 with the obstacles a lab versus a lecture course presented for online delivery.  

I also serve as the Program Coordinator for the AgDiscovery Program.  Iowa State's AgDiscovery program helps teenagers in 9-11th explore the diverse careers in Agriculture ranging from Veterinary Medicine to Agronomy and Plant Sciences.  Students live on the Iowa State University campus and learn from university professors, scientists who work for the U.S. government, and local agricultural producers and animal welfare and management organizations. Students who participate gain experience through hands-on labs, workshops, and field trips. Team-building activities and diversity workshops build important life skills in participants.  


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